Exciting visit from NSOJ

Today we had a visit from two journalism students Ipsita Kabiraj and Stephen Gershom together with Dipti Kumar, head of broadcast at the National School of Journalism in Bangalore. They came to spend two days with us filming and interviewing the students and volunteers on the work they are doing.

I believe it must have been very difficult to be confronted by such an alien subject, but they observed, asked questions and took many photographs. Mid-morning Dipti organised a filming session asking questions as to what are our aims? What have we achieved and what are we leaving behind? The two journalist students also asked some questions and I was impressed by the type of questions they asked such as ‘What is the difference between conservation and restoration (a key question as to what is the prime aim today, with conservation foremost)? Does the value of a painting change when it has been restored (it depends: have we uncovered a masterpiece behind an oxidized varnish then yes the value goes up enormously, has a painting been repainted completely following a restoration, then the value goes down)?. I felt they had absorbed the information and I sincerely hope that they enjoyed their experience in the studio – we have certainly enjoyed their visit. Tomorrow they will go to Rachol Seminary to see the relined King Sebastian.

Meanwhile our daughter Davinia is spending the night in hospital on a drip, she is very dehydrated having had food poisoning or contracted a virus, and Venetia has kindly offered to stay with her. As I come back to the flat Christopher is also being sick. The Goodhart family is not doing too well, but still enjoying Goa enormously. It is such privilege to be here with such a great happy crowd.