Full swing on Thursday

IMG_4017If  I thought the work was diminishing, not a bit of it. Every day new pieces seem to materialize from the students, all of them fascinating but in the most precarious state such as a head of Christ eaten by termites among other things (the fascinating part is this head is hollow because there was a mechanism inside and for the passion on Good Friday as Jesus died at three o’clock the head would fall forwards).We started with notes going through the syllabus and handing out notes to cement  what we have done so far.

DSC_3157Back to work, all the students have at least two projects not to mention sample boards for the rigatino technique, and need to do drawings of frames. On top of that the scaffolding that was erected yesterday at 6.5 meters high for the cleaning of a polychrome full size wooden statue of Christ needed a student to address the cleaning. Luckily we had two volunteers who climbed up onto the rig in order to start the work.

More and more is piling up, and the students have a full load of homework to do over the next three days in order to keep going. We need to keep the pressure on if we are to get them to complete the course on time, which I am determined to do. With the quality and commitment of the students here in Goa I am confident that this is achievable.

We had a visit from the Director of the Christian Art Museum who came to invite us to her Museum. She will attend a few classes to understand the basics of conservation and products used by conservator so that she can monitor the correct future treatments (necessary intervention with the minimal reversible products).