It’s Carnevale in Goa!!!!

Carnevale photo by SanteshGoa gets into the spirit of Carnival in a big way, with a wonderful fusion of Goan, Indian, Portuguese and Brazilian. It’s loud, it’s lively, it’s crazy and it’s great fun!

Earlier in the day we had taken Jenny, Ruth and Cel out to see a spice plantation – amazing variety of plants and spices from cardamon to cashew to vanilla to bird chillie and many more (about 30 different spices), very well explained as we went around the 100 hectare estate which had been in the same family for over 350 years. Luckily we arrived early as we had the place pretty much to ourselves – by the time we left it was heaving!

We then took them to the beach – it was wonderful to see the joy of Jenny who had not been to the sea since she came to England four years ago – she was just like a small child confronted by the sea for the first time! Caterina collected masses of shells of all types and sizes, as always, and Ruth and Cel enjoyed the sun.

On our way back we diverted via Talegao and St Michael’s Church and met up with Rita and had the chance to see the amazing restoration work she is doing on the statues there – it’s a real challenge for her and she is doing a fantastic job with practically no resources. It is reassuring to know that we are not alone in the struggle for materials and removal of previous restoration. There is a real lack of understanding due to very poor restoration in the past, and so it is very difficult for the responsible bodies to  know what is available and what is best. Right now we are still observing what has been done in Goa. Once we have collected enough evidence of what has been done and how, only then can we have a better idea as to how this pilot scheme can be directed to the right people and the right conservation  projects.