Magic Monday – guest editor Ana Eliza de Ataide Lobo

“Time Treasures” pieces of dust of the time to the Portuguese , Goan is a Pirate’s child and no blood more creepy than the Discovery of its own history. A scientific timeline in the movement of time, where the treasures are kept to become Known. As treasure hunters. One treasure continues to clue the next Time- Treasure. when we understand how we continue to communicate with the space time continuum in tandem , This is truly a Treasure .

AnaElizaStudying to RESTORE lost treasures, one begins to understand what to look, how to look, what is the fracture, where to trace this age of fracture. If this fracture is a part of a two thousand year old tree , I begin to touch this time-continuum in consolidating and restoring this part of a tree two thousand years in the making. When we start to understand everything about the structure we understand everything about its environment. If there was an Ocean or not, surrounding it; Was this salty air or not; How high above or low below sea level. And the Real layer start to reveal as you go through this time-continuum, and understanding this Time, gives one the possibility to enter the space time -continuum.

In the art of Restoration, I am well-come to become a part of re-pairing with the time itself. In the wake of such experience, I am walking with time through the happenings of space time treasures. It is an important experience in the experience of world history. We today project programming tools do so deeply to understand what is structure more than form. Fractures and structures can explain really much about time. In fractures and structure for example, a tree, when we cut a tree, we know its history. Today co-efficient mathematical intelligence with quantum mechanics gives interesting result about how we can take this, so we can understand that or, how does an egg makes us think of the galaxy. And all this is structure The selection of fracture is the scientist in the study of structure.

Time Journeys ! To be able to freely move into the years before and after, making a journey into the past to see the future. Discovery and history is what was gifted to us and now we go with the position to understand order and Importance. To journey when you know a new- knowledge. And every bit of that knowledge is conserving a practice and this practice opens a way . This way becomes my Journey . And find one more new definition that the reason we are here to understand our future we must look to see our past. where simple tools , simply stick, makes fire, and space continues working in the time of journey forward / journey back to the ages. To see the way, you know the way, you understand how to use it in this moment, start to manoeuvre the way with knowledge. Where we can do this , how we will do this – its a choice. Restoration its a way to Multiple journeys – how our future begins to date the past.

With thanks to – manu mahadelica. AnaEliza de ataide lobo