Weekend preparing work, and bird watching

The clock is ticking and we are confident all the students are working on their written work (you should see the emails on ‘restoration artists’ a WhatsApp joined by all the students). The message sent by Sandesh ‘anyone completed assignment…’ all the other phones happened to be out of range!

We are trying to find the Italian relining paste recipe which I forgot in London and Georgina who arrived Saturday has brought the right flours but we shall try with local flours to compare so that when we are gone they can make it themselves. Very exciting. We must use methods that will be reversible and also sympathetic to the climate.

While Ruthie has volunteered to stay in the Archbishop’s House and retouch the extensively damaged painting with Caetano (this is his project), Elizabeth, Sebastian, Christopher and I went to purchase linen canvas in Mapusa – a very colourful market. With two pairs of binocular we then scoured the North of Goa landscape for indigenous birds. in three days we spotted over 78 species, very thrilling.


Eveny (one of the students) has invited us to her house to meet her partner Conrad, see her very accomplished work (pastel, wood burning, acrylic, multi media). Conrad is also an amazing artist and with extraodinary paintings of  birds, and we then indulged in more bird  watching near her house. What an experience.